User Reviews

Aditya Srikar

Age- 28

Profession - Software Engineer

I was a fat guy since my childhood and was never into any physical activity. Plus, being an IT professional, I was supposed to sit for long hours which ultimately led to gain weight crossing 100 Kg. I got to know Transform App through a Celebrity Trainer - Sandeep Raj who I follow on Instagram. I chose a diet plan and the dietitian discussed with me personally on call and allotted a customized diet plan as per my eating habits and interests. It’s been 3 months since then, Now ii am weighing around 75 kg. Thanks to the Dietitian and the features like weekly consultation calls which motivated me and direct chat facility which helped me to be more punctual with my eating habits. The surprised look i get from my relatives, friends and others is the one thing i can cherish through my entire lifetime.

Lost 20 kgs in 6 months

Amit Das

Age- 21

Profession - Student

I was a fat guy since my childhood and in 2018 I was around 100 kg which was the maximum weight in my entire life. I started working on fitness at the age of 18 and now I'm around 67 kg. I got to know about transform app through Instagram

All the programs are well structured and it helped me to stop random searching from other sources. Consultation calls helps me to rectify my form and techniques and moreover trainer and dietitian are very cooperative. It's been couple of months I'm using this app. I love to learn new things apart from main workout routine like animal flow, kickboxing,kalaripayattu,etc that this app offers

Lost 20 kgs in 6 months

Lost 20 kgs in 6 months

Sekhar Chandra

Age- 30

Profession - Asst.Professor

Earlier I have been going through obesity feeling lack of energy but after joining transform I feel so active. The diet & workout schedules by transform helps me loosing weight & active health. The best part is the consultation calls & every moment guiding for diet & exercise aspect is best . After using app I feel so good & lifestyle is totally changed. I can feel the good lifestyle coming future

Tushar Srivastava

Age- 30

Profession - Digital Marketer

Like most of the people, I had this sneaky habit of unhealthy eating that made me overeat and gain weight. Once I lost 10 Kg of weight but got backfired due to lack of knowledge on Diet and Fitness. I came to know about Transform on Instagram and have enrolled for weight loss program which contained a customized diet plan and a fitness program that matched to my lifestyle. I had witnessed tremendous changes in myself and I give all my thanks to all Transform Team for their constant support in reaching this level of fitness.

Gaurav Sood

Age- 32

Profession - Business

I used to live a very bad lifestyle during my 20s where there was no control over what I ate nor was there any physical exercise. I got to know about transform from Instagram and I enrolled into their weight loss program. I was already doing some sort of physical activity and transform pushed me to go beyond. I have lost a ton on weight since then and my energy levels are also very good. The consultations calls are very good and they guide you really well. Would definitely recommend it to everyone looking to loose weight in a healthy way.

Venkata Avinash Samsani

Age- 21

Profession - Student

I got to know Transform App through Vedharth Thappa who I follow on Instagram. I enrolled for his program and could see a spike in my endurance levels after completion of the program. I learned a lot from the program and now I could perform some of the workouts with ease. The consultation calls I have with the experts made me correct the postures, got my doubts cleared and also used to give me some tips on nutrition. I am really thankful to the Health Expert Teja for his support in making me a better version.

Pradeep Kumar Yadav

Age- 40

Profession - Dental Surgeon

Hello I am pradeep kumar yadav 40 yrs of age by profession I am a dental surgeon. Due to busy schedule wrong diet plan and wrong workout plan I have put on too much weight I was insearch of right guidance that time I came to know abt Transform fitness through Facebook. Through this app I came to know abt proper diet and workout plan. Dietician and Trainer guided me via consultation calls that helped me achieving my fitness goals. Thank u Transform for guiding me properly and making me fit to live my life large.


Age- 30

Profession - Education Industry

My name is Khusboo and I am working in the education industry. My life become very sendatary during the pandanic and I have to change my lifestyle. Thats when I came across Transform. The best thing about Transform is that they have amazing fitness programs which are very easy to follow and you dont need any equipment as well to perform them. I was assigned a trainer and a dietician who helped me through my fitness journey. I recommend Transform to anyone who is looking to start their fitness journey.

Neti Tank

Age- 31

Profession - Housewife

My name is Neti Tank, 31 years old and I am a housewife. I have lost around close to 3 kgs over the past one month by following the programs on transform. The programs are very good and give a easy daily workout routine. Its easy to perform at home with no equipment. Best this is that we are assigned a trainer who can solve all queries during our training. I would personally suggest everyone to try the app to enjoy their body transformation.


Age- 25

Profession - Movie Industry

My name is Unnati and I am into the movie field. Earlier my sleeping patterns and food cycles were all over the place. I got to know about Transform through a friend and since that my life has changed a lot. The trainer helped me schedule my workouts regularly and the dietician helped me understand food better. I am now able to make healthier food choices and I am really thankful to the Transform app for helping me out.